Terms & Conditions

The following document is referred to the affiliate program concerning HELLOVEERU. Please go through the full terms and conditions before signing up for the affiliate program. 


Any one within the learning management system of HelloVeeru is eligible for this affiliate program.  You can be a paid course student or a free course student. You will be eligible for the affiliate program. Accepting you as an affiliate for the organisation solely depends on the website’s wishes. We have the right to accept or reject your application for the affiliate program.

Earning policies

As an active participant of the HELLOVEERU learning management system, you will be given a unique affiliate link. Whenever a new student joins the learning management system for the paid HelloVeeru course through your affiliate link, you will be eligible to receive the affiliate commission. The new student should not be a part of the Helloveeru learning management system already. 

Terms and conditions

  • You should be a member of the HelloVeeru learning management system. 
  • Your referral sale should not be a part of HelloVeeru management system already. It should be a new member.
  • If we happen to refund the amount to the said new student, you will not be eligible for the commission. 
  • You will be terminated from the program if your promotional posts are found to be inappropriate by the management. 

Payment process

You will be paid 20% commission for your affiliate sale 30 days after the sale. You will be paid on the 5th of every month that falls after 30 days of your sale. You can track your affiliate payments through the unique link you will be given. You will be receiving your commission through PayPal. 


You will be notified and terminated from the affiliate program if any complaints received against you from the students of the Learning management system or otherwise. You will be terminated from the program if your posts are found inappropriate or demeaning regarding Helloveeru on any platform on the internet. 


The terms and conditions of the affiliate program are liable to change at any point of time depending on the requirement and the market conditions. You will, however, be notified when there is a change in the terms and conditions. You will solely be responsible if you ignore the notification and will not have any legal recourse against us. 

Legal ramifications

We are solely responsible for accepting or rejecting your application as an affiliate for the program. You will be notified and terminated from the program if found inappropriate. Your commission will be notified and canceled at any time if found any malpractice regarding the sale. You will not have any legal recourse against us for any of the above.