Top 2 chatbots that are popularly used

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You would have encountered a chatbot at some point of time while visiting various websites. You would have seen them or made conversation with them. Chatbots are AI-powered instruments that can work for your website. This article is about the top 2 chatbots that are popularly used in 2020.

Digital marketing is taking interesting shifts along with the changes in technology. Digital marketing has a huge potential to leverage the benefits of AI-powered chatbots.

How chatbots help you to increase conversions

Chatbots can be used in digital marketing to increase conversion rates. Unlike a human, the chatbot is not affected by fatigue or lack of energy. Chatbots can work all the 24 hours every day without any rest.

Have you ever wondered why all companies are turning to digital marketing? This article is discussing all the important aspects of chatbots and the two most popular chatbots that are widely used. They are Tidio and Collect. Chat.

There are so many reasons for the sudden popularity of AI chatbot.

AI chatbots are widely used in customer services these days. It is very easy to use and delivers a great experience for the customers. AI chatbots have many advantages compared to manual customer service Chatbots. It can deliver its service to many instead of traditional one-to-one forms.

 It can also provide round the clock service to customers. Tiredness or fatigue doesn’t affect chatbots. Moreover, customers can also avail of the service of chatbots in the language they prefer to use. It allows a brand to localize its customer service.


Tidio is an AI-powered chatbot that helps you to chat with your customers. It is one of the best and popularly used chatbots in 2020. It helps you to effectively communicate with the customers. It is designed specifically for WordPress users. Once you install the application, you can make use of all the services provided by these chatbots.

 Once you install the Tidio chat, it will appear on your website. Your customers can contact you in real-time. You can also reply to incoming chats and manage other settings of the chatbots.

The Tidio app merges live chat and chatbots and helps companies to scale up their sales to a higher level. Tidio chat can engage with your customers 24*7. It can offer them help or ask them for details such as email address or contact. All clients expect an immediate and good conversation from the company. In that way, customers will be more than happy. You will get more leads this way. In short, both parties are benefited. Customers will receive excellent customer service.

Why Tidio?

  • Installation is very easy
  • Chatbots are available for 24/7 and generate more leads
  • It keeps a track of all the visitors on your website
  • Contact all visitors on the website
  • The chatbot supports multiple languages. So, you can localise the chatbot service according to the area you are living in.

Collect. Chat

Customers are more likely to chat with you when you take initiative for conversation and reach out to them. Collect. Chat helps you to engage and delight your customers with interactive question templates and speaking their native language. They function without any involvement of humans.

Collet. Chat helps you to collect leads even at midnight when your other employees are sleeping. It will never let your business sleep. It also helps you to cut down nearly 50 % of your expenses on sales. It can increase your conversions almost 3 times more while there is not much effort involved in collecting data.

Collect chat can be connected to a lot of other applications without coding. Like email, twitter, slack, Mailchimp or many other applications. It gives an excellent onboarding experience for your customers.

It is also possible to customise the chatbot to guide the user and get their feedback regarding services.

The success of any website depends on how much you can keep the user engaged. When they spend more time on the website, they likely turn to pay customers. When they are receiving satisfactory user experience, customers will develop an emotional bond with the company. The chatbot also collects the contact information of all the users making it easy for the company to convert them to customers.

Why Collect. Chat?

·         Engage and delight your customers

·         Interacts in their own native languages

·         Cut down nearly 50% of sales expense

·         Can be connected to many other applications


It’s amazing to look at how technology is transforming the field of digital marketing. Automated chatbots can help the company with a huge portion of the marketing process. The future of digital marketing lies with the use of automated systems combined with great personal relations with customers.

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